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Personal Training in East London (1-2-1 MovementFirst)


Personal Training in East London (1-2-1 MovementFirst)

What makes MovementFirst Training unique?
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In this video I will be showing you some of the differences between traditional training (the state of the fitness industry) and movement based training. While traditional training is largely based on volume, it largely ignores movement and function.

The ability you have to move determines whether everything you do is done right or done through a compensation. And if your only option is to compensate, then you will run into trouble – it’s just a matter of time.

With our training, we aim to establish a very good foundation that addresses your joints and motor control the right way. We profile your movement and decide which things require the most attention. As we carry on, we use that foundation to drive better bodies (visual body transformations) as well as better strength and capability.

Welcome to a better way to train.

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