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Personal Trainer London MovementFirst (Canary Wharf)


Personal Trainer London MovementFirst (Canary Wharf)

Personal Trainer in London / Calisthenics / FRC Mobility / Extreme Fat Loss
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Introduction to our unique training system. Come and join us and learn what makes MovementFirst the best personal training in London.

As a personal trainer, I was always amazed to find how this “science driven” industry, relies on very superficial numbers. So-called fitness experts preach strength / bodybuilding / toning by a rep range without understanding what’s happening at the cellular level and complex human biological processes such as weight loss are reduced to a mathematical equation of calories in and calories out. What is going on? Are people paying to be told “3 more”? Do we all assume we understand the human body and training systems and the only thing we lack is motivation?

At MovementFirst, we place your movement… first! Understanding there are some techniques that are better than others and that regardless of your effort, your joints must be allowed to get into the correct position first, which is an impossible idea without specific mobility work to achieve it. Assuming you’ve got the mobility if you haven’t worked for it, and waiting for pain to show and prove you wrong is not our idea of smart training.

This is a Personal Training concept that is going to deliver better results in weight loss, body transformation and above all, movement.

Instead of calories we think hormones, instead of “3 more” we think “3 better”. We don’t accept modern ideas of fitness without really asking “but why?” and we constantly strive to deliver better knowledge and better application because this isn’t just a money making business, it’s a passion!

Contact Jacob Nadav: 07533440577

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