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My weight loss story (2019) – Part 1


My weight loss story (2019) – Part 1

With Proof, here’s my weight loss story with results on video. This is an advanced fitness tutorial that will show you how to lose weight faster and burn belly fat.
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in this video i talk about my weight loss story and fitness and health transformation that has happened over this past 5 weeks!
I’m going to share a CRAZY body transformation (inc. the before and after video proof going from fat to fit). I will share the advanced weight loss research I used to achieve my results. You will see how the last 12 years have changed my mind about calories and drove me towards looking at hormones and biological reactions.

It is somewhat disappointing to see that given the available research on growth hormone, insulin, lipolysis and oxidation… we are still focusing all our energy into calories and the truth is that if we limit ourselves to calories, our results are going to be limited as well.

This video looks at different aspects of the science but it’s also an introduction to the BellyProof resource for those who want to do the before and after body transformation and join the success.
One thing is for sure, weight loss is a much more complex process than what we are led to believe and while some people choose to look at that as a negative, there are others who see opportunity to do things better.

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