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Does Counting Calories Help?- stop counting calories if you want to lose weight (2019)


Does Counting Calories Help?- stop counting calories if you want to lose weight (2019)

Does Counting Calories Help??? The more you look into the subject, the more you realize that some parts of the science don’t exactly line up. It’s time we stopped telling people that counting calories and going into a calorie deficit is a valid weight loss approach. It’s not!
We cover this in depth here

Most of us get into weight loss and wonder whether does counting calories help. Wonder why you should counting calories if you want to lose weight? Keep reading…

It’s easy to tell a fitness beginner to count calories, it makes them more aware of what they eat and how much they exercise. That on it’s own can factor for a long term change to their health and fitness. Great!
The problem is that counting calories as a “total” approach is misguided and it is a flawed logic on many levels, especially once you consider insulin sensitivity, the definition of metabolism and of course the definition of what is a calorie.
Being an authority in the weight loss community, I often get questioned about calories. Excuse me Jacob, when it comes to nutrition and getting fit, how many calories should I eat to lose weight?”
If you ever saw a starving model vs a food eating 10k calorie challenge, this video will challenge everything you thought you knew about metabolism and what role calories actually play.
For example, have you ever considered that ketogenic diets are actually high fat and low carb? Fat is denser in calories than carbohydrates which begs the question: How can a high calorie diet be good for weight loss? Another problem is that we apply a concept from the field of physics into a biological system which has more than just 2 variables (calories in vs calories out) but rather 1000s of variables.
See the video and judge for yourself. Let’s get this theory shredded and put an end to misinformation and cheap diet plans.

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