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A beginners guide to intermittent fasting (LioN Edition 2019)


A beginners guide to intermittent fasting (LioN Edition 2019)

This is my top 3 weight loss tips and a beginners guide to intermittent fasting. If you ever struggled with weight loss or wanted to speed up your progress – you need to watch this!
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For the 4-7-8 toe touch, click here: (scroll to 4 minutes and 35 seconds)

When you are thinking how to lose weight faster, you must go a step above the general advice of just “diet” and “exercise” and consider the structure.
In this video I cover some incredible weight loss tips that most of us aren’t considering. It’s less about what you should eat or how you should train and more about making sure the structure is right.

This is essentially a beginners guide to intermittent fasting. Most people train thinking about sets and reps. When I show people how to train I make them think about cellular reactions such as lipolysis and fat oxdiation. In this video I explain why it matters so much for your results with weight loss. This is essential to make sure that you lose body fat rather than water weight.

Another weight loss tip to starting losing weight faster is to oxygenate your blood. A good technique for that can be found in this video (link above). By doing this, you will provide your mitochondria (cell powerhouse) with the oxygen it needs to oxidize fat (burn fat).

In simple terms, if you don’t have enough oxygen, you are limited how much fat you can burn.

Lastly, we look at the lion protocol and how to make it work so that you lose weight faster by getting Insulin levels right.

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